Originally from Bielefeld, now in Berlin, these three young men (Mikko, Heiko & Fred) enfold a refreshing charm and energy when they gather behind the turntables, mixer and laptop as the DJ collective Kotelett. They have mostly played in rather small venues and underground parties across Germany, but WHITE carries high hopes in this uprising DJ team. Occasionally they even perform technoid live jam sessions at Berlin´s subway stations with a collection of nostalgic keyboards under their arms. At parties, once you have experienced their minimal techhouse sets, you will never forget the meat-pounding Kotelett sound.

Thu.o6.Dez.oo7, 8.pm at Hermes Halle/Saale
Taste it on myspace or listen to the bruzzlkotlett-mix!


One Response to “KOTELETT”

  1. Ein fohes Neues jahr!

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